November 23, 2015

Fr. Mark's New Book: Time to Get Ready

MCU's own Fr. Mark Villano has recently published a new book! 
Just in time for the holidays, his book is titled Time to Get Ready: An Advent, Christmas Reader  to Wake Your Soul. Per the description:
 “[Fr. Mark] opens up the scriptures, themes, and liturgical traditions of these holy seasons to better appreciate their meaning. He reveals the life-changing mystery of Christ, the invitations of grace all around us. Consider this book a daily retreat, a time to let go of the activity and noise of life and simply listen. It will become a cherished companion for many as they prepare spiritually for Christmas and beyond.”

The library has purchased three copies for those that would like to review it. Also, his book can be purchased in the MCU bookstore for a short time, as well as on Amazon. 

Congratulations to Fr. Mark on this fantastic publishing accomplishment!

November 2, 2015

How To Find Credible Research Sources: CRAAP Method

One of the most common questions that Marymount students mention about the trouble they have with a research project is: 

How do I find credible resources?!?!?!

The Internet is a great resource; however, answering this basic research question can be a HUGE challenge if you don't critically think about your resources.

Luckily, the MCU Library is here to help answer those specific questions.  In fact, that is a large part of our daily mission; to provide access to, training for, and assistance with locating QUALITY information.  

We have created an online guide to help our students better understand how to find credible resources, both online (hello, Google!) and using library resources (databases, books and eBooks).  This is a good place to understand the questions you should try to answer about your resources.

In this guide, we've introduced a concept referred to as the "CRAAP Method." This is an easy to remember acronym that can help you identify a credible resource.  

For more information, check out the "How To Find Credible Resources" library guide to get more assistance with finding credible information.

If you need more help, feel free to contact a librarian.